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Tupiza to Uyuni 20120531 (127) web

8 Fun, Amusing, and Odd Things from Tupiza to Uyuni


The beautiful landscapes and the flamingos are what you will find if you search the internet for the Bolivian Altiplano.

But there are also other photos that remind me of fun times, amusing moments, and odd sites that I encountered on this tour from Tupiza to Uyuni.

8 Fun, Amusing, and Odd More >
Buenos Aires 201206 Orquesta Fernandez Fierro (7) web

Punk Tango in Buenos Aires

I can appreciate tango music.

It is sensual and a bit edgy, but I also find it boring after a while, especially if there is no dancing to watch with it.

While I was in Buenos Aires researching the city guide, I met some travelers who told me they went to a “punk tango” music show,

I was intrigued.  More >

Sucre 201205 Holiday Festival (92) web

Foto of the Week from … Sucre: Holiday!


I had no idea what the holiday was, but I was glad I walked to the central plaza to witness the festivities.

Colorful Costumes


Marching Bands


Kid Working the Beer Truck


And… Is that Michael Jackson? Check out more photos from this Bolivian holiday! Check out more Fotos of the Week from More >
Sucre 201204 Tarabuco (65) web

Tarabuco, Bolivia: More Than a Cheap Sunday Market


When I arrived in Sucre, I quickly figured out that the thing to do on Sunday is go to the Tarabuco market.

I heard that the fruits and veggies are cheap, and you can buy tejidos (weavings) and those ugly sweaters all the backpackers in Bolivia are wearing.

Although it is easy to take a local bus, More >

Blindfold web

Seeing Nothing and Experiencing More

Have you ever experienced a theater performance while wearing a blindfold?

Photo from Flickr user stars alive.

Ted and Bethany from TwoOregonians suggested I attend Ojos Cerrados.

And I am glad I took their suggestion.

I went with my friend and former housemate Susanna.  The main reason to go with More >

Buenos Aires 201203 Graffitimundo Tour (60) web

Foto of the Week from … Buenos Aires: Hidden Walls

I love graffiti, especially in Buenos Aires.

I did a graffiti biking tour last year with Graffitimundo and Biking Buenos Aires.  I also enjoyed seeking out some lesser-known graffiti murals in the city.

I wanted more.

I was very excited to go on Graffitimundo’s Hidden Walls Tour, which takes you to More >

Buenos Aires 201203 Nigels Asado (7) web

Mixing Business and Pleasure (Art and Steak) in BA


After an amazing stay at the Viñas de Cafayate Wine Resort, I have made my way back to Buenos Aires via a long, yet comfortable overnight bus ride.

As you know, I have returned to this city for work.

Specifically, I am writing a Buenos Aires City Guide for Indie Travel Media.

(Note that if you sign More >

Valparaiso 201202 (181) web

Foto of the Week from … Valparaiso: Street Art


Every travel blogger who has passed through Valparaíso has written about the street art, and I am not going to be an exception.

I have photographed street art in Bogota and taken a graffiti tour in Buenos Aires.   I just wrote about how food is one of my favorite parts of travel.

Street art is also More >
Valparaiso 201202 (6) web

Back in Latin America Again


Although I was pleasantly surprised by Santiago and stayed longer than I planned, it’s time to move on to the next destination.

Valparaíso is a place I have been looking forward to experiencing.

I heard it has a funky vibe and amazing graffiti art.

True and true.

What surprised me the most was More >
Buenos Aires 201110 Teatro Colon 168 web

The Impressive Teatro Colon Opera House in Buenos Aires


When I visited Argentina for the first time in 2009 on a 2-week vacation, one of the major attractions in Buenos Aires was closed for renovations.

After 7 years of detailed restoration, Teatro Colon is now open to the public.  The tour is one of the top things to do in Buenos Aires.

The price was a More >
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