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Buenos Aires Odd Jobs: Old Lady Walkers


Today I am turning over my blog to Rease of Travelated fame. Rease is an expat living in Buenos Aires, a fellow travel writer, and my cheap wine drinking buddy.  This is actually the first guest post I’ve ever had on The Travel Chica, and I’m thrilled to feature one of my favorite bloggers that I More >

Buenos Aires Cartonero web

Buenos Aires Odd Jobs: The Recycling Program

Cartoneros are the city’s recycling program.

Men and sometimes children from the villas miserias (aka slums) come into the city and wheel around a cart collecting the cardboard and paper products from the trash that litters the city.  You see them in every neighborhood at all hours of the More >

Living the gaucho life in la pampa.

Buenos Aires Odd Jobs: The Tour Guide Part 3 – Private Custom Tours


In a continuation of the Odd Jobs Series, I am highlighting expat tour guides who have found their niche in Buenos Aires.   Last time, I interviewed Jonny and Marina from Graffitimundo.

Next up…. Meet Chance from BA LOCAL.

BA LOCAL provides private tours, including city tours, off-the-beaten-path More >

Buenos Aires Graffiti 264

Buenos Aires Odd Jobs: The Tour Guide Part 2 – Graffiti Art


In the previous Odd Jobs for expats interview, you met Jonathan from Buenos Aires Local Tours.

Next up . . . Jonny and Marina from Graffitimundo What is your tourism niche in BA?

As part of our project graffitimundo, we run guided tours of Buenos Aires street art and graffiti. We know many of the More >

A Foreigner’s Perspective on Argentina Elections


I’m taking a break from the Odd Jobs series to write a short post about the Argentina presidential election that happened yesterday.  Being from the US, I found a few things odd about “the rules” and thought I’d share a foreigner’s perspective.

Odd Rules for Argentina Elections 1.  Voting is More >

Buenos Aires Odd Jobs: The Tour Guide Part 1


We’ve covered the dog walkers and the human billboards.  Now I present an odd job for expats.

The Tour Guide

Buenos Aires is such a huge, exciting city with lots of history, grand architecture, diverse artwork, high-end fashion, and much more.  Because of all of this, there are a lot of tour guides More >

Buenos Aires Graffiti 333 web

Buenos Aires Odd Jobs: Advertising

Advertising is done differently in this part of the world.

Sure, we have people dress up in silly costumes and hold signs to draw in customers in the US.

But this is different.  This seems much worse. Human Billboards

This is on Avenida Santa Fe at Plaza Italia, one of the busiest parts of the More >

Photo of dog walker

Buenos Aires Odd Jobs: The Dog Walker


I decided to do a series on odd jobs in Buenos Aires because ,well, I find some of the jobs I’ve seen people doing here quite interesting.

If you travel to Buenos Aires on one of those cheap holiday offers, you will definitely notice the first odd job featured in this post.

The first odd job More >
Photo of Spring Day

Spring is Here!


My first week back in Buenos Aires included a great wine event and a food expo at La Rural.  What more could a girl want?

How about amazing weather.

Part of my decision to visit home was related to the weather.  It was the middle of Winter in Buenos Aires, and it was Summer in Ohio.  I knew I was More >

Buenos Aires Vinos y Bodegas 003 web

3 Strategies to Taste the Best Wines at a Wine Expo


If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that much of my time here has revolved around drinking wine and eating food.

So guess what I did my first week back in Buenos Aires.

My first weekend here, there were two events that I HAD TO ATTEND!! 

It is as if the La Rural exposition center scheduled More >

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