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I have discovered my travel future


A couple months ago, I became one of the last people I know to buy an e-reader.

My friend Jeff, a long-term traveler I met in Buenos Aires, told me many times how much he loves his Kindle.

My response was that I prefer a paperback and didn’t want to carry another electronic device.  Turns out I More >

Sucre 201205 Sopa de Mani (2) web

The stupidest thing I did in 2012… and the photo to remember it


The theme for January seems to be about looking back.  I only planned one or two posts, but I have really enjoyed bringing those memories back to the surface.

I did a lot of cool stuff during two years of travel.


I saw a lot of amazing places and met a lot of wonderful people.


I accomplished a More >
Argentina 201202 Salinas Grandes (18) web

8 Travel highlights of 2012 and why it is important to think about it

I have a terrible memory.

Maybe that is why I have always taken lots of photos.  I try to capture my special experiences: the people, the beauty, the amusing, the weird, the firsts, the joy, the accomplishment.

Of course, it is difficult to capture a moment or a feeling. But a photo can still bring More >
Pumpkin Roll 201212 (12) web

My favorite holiday treat (recipe, tips,and photos included!)


For as long as I can remember, I have associated Christmas with one special treat.

Pumpkin roll!

Although I do prepare most of my own meals in order to eat healthy and save money, I do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I cook simple things.

But there is one day a year when I stock the pantry More >

Antigua 486 web

Help pick my prints! (part 2 and more chances to win)



If you already voted in the first photography category Landscapes, you’ve already earned at least one entry towards winning an 8″x10″ canvas print from Printcopia.  (You can still go back and vote now to earn entries in the giveaway.)

Just narrowing down the photos to this number was difficult, More >

Tupiza to Uyuni 20120529 (76a) web

20 months, 1000s of photos… Help pick my prints!


I have been back in my home in Columbus for five months.

I still have blank walls and empty photo frames.

I simply cannot decide which of my thousands of photos I want on my walls.

So I need your help. And I want to give you something in return. Help me pick my prints and win an 8”x10”canvas More >
Bike Snow Photo

Why you should always have $20 cash and other lessons from my car-free lifestyle


My attempt at living a car-free lifestyle in the US has hit an early challenge.

Since I would be giving up my virtual office to go back to the corporate world, I knew that my work commute would be the biggest challenge to a car-free lifestyle. 

So I made a career decision that would give me a More >

Portland 201208 Downtown (23) web

If Portland is weird, then so am I


During my short time in Portland, I have fallen in love with this city.

I keep asking myself what is so special about this place and these people?

I think I finally have it.


The things that make me weird in Ohio are mainstream and fully embraced in Portland. Bike culture

My friends are probably More >

Portland 201208 Hotel Monaco (10) web

Me, a beer, and my goldfish

As soon as I got to Portland, I realized my days were going to be even busier than Seattle.

I got a massive list of fun stuff to see and do from Bethany and Ted of Two Oregonians.  I had a great discussion with Visit Portland and added more must-dos to my list.  And everyone I talked to who had More >

Maine 201207 Sailboat (10) web

Visiting strangers in Maine


One thing it took me a while to learn while I was traveling in Latin America is to be a better friend.

What do I mean by that?

The majority of interactions we have with other travelers are very casual.  When we talk to another traveler in our hostel or at a café, we are reaching out simply to have More >

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