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The Blogger Relay Kicks Off Today! (I’m Officially a Travel Geek)


As I said in my big announcement last week, one of the great things to come out of my 20 months of travel in Latin America is discovering this awesome community of travel bloggers.

That community has officially turned me into a travel geek.

(Two years ago, I would have made fun of someone for what More >

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When I’m Ready or When the Money Runs Out


If you subscribe to my newsletter, you already know that Bolivia is the last country of my 20-month Latin American adventure.

(If this is news to you, and you want to be in-the-know sooner, sign up here.)

Back in 2010 when I finally decided to start telling people about my travel sabbatical plans, More >

El Bosque Imposible 262 web

Bolivia Scares the Sh** Out of Me


Maybe I’ve grown soft traveling in Argentina and Chile for the last year.

(Wow, I cannot believe I spent that much time in two countries.  I do like slow travel and enjoy the pseudo-expat life.)

I started my travels in poorer countries with less infrastructure, more hassle, and more crime.  I even More >

Atacama 201202 (47) web

The Driest Place on the Planet is Flooding


The two most beautiful places on my itinerary for Chile have experienced environmental disasters just before my arrival.

First, there was the fire in Torres del Paine.

And now the driest place on the planet is flooding.

Everything is closed.
  • The Salar de Atacama.
  • The Tatio Geysers.
  • Valle de la More >
Buenos Aires La Rural 173 web

Buenos Aires Take 4… And Big News!

Yep!  I’m going back!

This will be my fourth time visiting Buenos Aires.  Long before I had a blog (or ever read a blog), and long before the plan to quit my job and travel was created, I came to Buenos Aires for a 2-week vacation with friends.

I not only loved the city, I felt like I could live More >

When a Hostel Defines Your Travel Experience


This is not the nicest, newest, or fanciest hostel I have seen.  After all, this is Patagonia.  There is not much that is shiny and new.

This is a hostel that made me feel comfortable.

I felt like I was surrounded by friends I had known for years.  In addition, they have thought of all the little More >

Torres del Paine Fire 03 web

Tragedy in Torres del Paine: Stories from the Park


After doing the day hikes in El Chalten, I was ready to take it a step further and complete the full circuit in Torres del Paine.  I was planning to carry in my food and tent and stay in the camp sites, attempting to finish in 7 days.

I never got that chance. Much of Torres del Paine has burned to More >

2011 Travel Year in Review from A to Z

I know I’m late in the game on doing my travel review for 2011.

But I’m back on the road again, and it is much more difficult to keep up with the writing and the photo editing and even the emails when constantly moving.

When I was tagged by Ayngelina from Bacon Is Magic to participate in the ABCs More >

El Bolson 201111 Hostel 07 web

Feels Like Home in El Bolson

It is hard to pinpoint what it is about this place.

There is a sign in the center of town that says, “En El Bolson el magico es la naturaleza.”  (In El Bolson, the magic is nature.)

Yes, the setting is beautiful.

Lots of green trees, snow-capped mountains, a beautiful river.

Yes, my hostel is More >
Buenos Aires Urban Station 01 web

Am I A Digital Nomad Now?


You may be wondering why I have stayed in Buenos Aires for so long.  After all, I did say in my post about coming home for a short visit that I would re-charge and then get back to my original itinerary through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru.

Something came up right before I said goodbye to More >

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