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Jamaica 2014 257

PHOTOS: Jamaica’s other famous waterfall


Perhaps the most well-known waterfall in Jamaica is Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios on the northern side of the island.  For those visiting the southern or eastern part of the island, there is another natural gem.

YS Falls is about an hour drive from Treasure Beach.  If you’re driving, be sure to More >


Explore the Elements – Travel Photoblogging Challenge


The Explore the Elements photo contest is sponsored by Thomas Cook Travel and seeks to find images that best represent the four elements of earth, water, fire and air.  I was happy to be nominated by travel photographer Jonathan Look.  If you’re not familiar with his website LifePart2, you should More >

Columbus Night 20150110 (29) web

PHOTO: A cold Winter sunset




This Winter in Columbus has been a bit brutal in terms of temperature.  I forced myself out to capture this sunset on the icy Scioto River.

Have you been braving the cold to enjoy the pretty side of Winter?
Jamaica 2014 389

Ya mon… a glimpse of Jamaican culture


When you think of Jamaica, the phrase “ya mon” immediately comes to mind. I assumed this was an exaggerated stereotype of the way Jamaicans speak.

Turns out “ya mon” is ubiquitous in Jamaica.


And yes, you can find it in the Urban Dictionary.


In explaining the brief glimpse I got into the local More >

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Jamaican Food: Delicious and possibly deadly


The thing I research the most for any travel destination is the food. I have my priorities straight.

I arrived in Jamaica with a list of local dishes and native fruits to try.  I succeeded in tasting them all.  I discovered after I returned that one of my favorite foods can be poisonous if prepared More >

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Tips for driving in Jamaica (and why you may not want to)


You read a lot of warnings about driving in some countries (and Jamaica is one of them).

While I never drove a car during my travels in Central and South America, I certainly recognized that I preferred to be in a bus or a taxi than dealing with the insanity. But with the Jamaica trip, I was More >

Jamaica 2014 091

Finding simplicity in Jamaica


I had gotten caught up in a lot of things. I had a constant feeling that I should be working on my growing to-do list.

Some stress was good. Some stress was simply unnecessary. I had fallen back into the mode of creating obligations for myself that did not always align with my priorities. I had More >

San Francisco 201409 HDR5_8 web web

PHOTO: Golden Gate Bridge at 3am

On my way back to the airport from Sonoma, I stopped to take some night photography of the Golden Gate Bridge. I think this was worth staying up all night before my flight back to Columbus. Golden Gate Bridge at Night

California 201409 Road Trip 048

How to make the most of a road trip

When I picked up the rental car at the San Jose airport in the early morning, I was greeted with rainbows and mountains. A great start to a road trip. My plan was to drive to San Francisco where I hoped to drive across the Bay Bridge and across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods.  After a bit of More >
California 201409 Road Trip 034_1

PHOTO ESSAY: Quiet, quirky Bolinas


I made time for a slow drive up the coast of California on my way to Sonoma.  I did a bit of research and hit the road from the San Jose airport.  I had read that Bolinas is different than most coastal California towns.  They have actively tried to keep outsiders away, so of course I wanted to More >

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