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Frankfurt 2014 Opera House HDR 2 web-2

PHOTO: Frankfurt’s Alte Opera at Night

Alte Opera

The Alte Opera (Old Opera) is my favorite Frankfurt site to visit at night.  One of my goals on this European trip was to work on my night photography.

Based on the contrast of shadow and light areas in this scene, I decided to take multiple exposures and create an HDR image.  I used to More >

My top 5 contemporary art museums in Frankfurt


After a jam-packed itinerary in Amsterdam, I was looking forward to relaxing a bit in Frankfurt.  I wanted to drink German beer, try some German food, explore the neighborhood, and check out a few museums.

I read that Frankfurt is considered the cultural capital of Germany.

I’m not sure if that is More >

Frankfurt 2014 Judengasse 18 bw web

Photo Essay: Old Jewish Cemetery of Frankfurt


One of my favorite discoveries in Frankfurt happened by accident on my last full day in the city.

As you may know, I like to photograph cemeteries, especially in other countries and cultures.  I walked by the walled old Jewish Cemetery in Frankfurt and saw that the gate was locked.

But I More >

Frankfurt 2014 iPhone 035 web

Hand cheese… with music?


I’m slightly obsessed with cheese, so I Googled German cheese in Frankfurt. That is when I discovered I was located in the region specializing in Handkäse.


Handkäse is a sour milk handmade cheese usually served with caraway seeds. I’m up for trying any kind of cheese, so I ordered it the More >

Frankfurt 2014 iPhone 037 web

It’s all about the green sauce


I met up with Nate, a friend from college who has been living in Frankfurt for quite a while. I had been enjoying the international food options in Frankfurt, but I couldn’t leave the city without trying some traditional German food.

Nate introduced me to some Frankfurt specialties in a traditional More >

Frankfurt 2014 022 web

5 things that surprised me about Frankfurt


I have not read much about Frankfurt being a tourist destination.

I decided to visit because a good friend from college moved there temporarily for work.  What better reason to visit a European city?

She told me it is a pleasant city and offers easy access to some tourist hot spots More >

Frankfurt 2014 Food Tour 05 web

Bonding over food, culture, and philosophy in Frankfurt


When I contacted eat-the-world, I was expecting a food tour through a pleasant neighborhood.

What I got was a most enjoyable afternoon discussing the important things in life — food, history, culture, politics, values, and passions — with an incredible woman from Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Food and More >
Amsterdam 2014 Street Art 43 web

Creativity, diversity, and community in the streets of Amsterdam

I love cities that exude creativity, energy, diversity, and community.

Amsterdam definitely has those values.  There are two places I start when exploring a new place.  The first is food culture.  The second is art.

To me street art is the most accessible art.

And after learning so much about the More >

Amsterdam 2014 Cheese Tasting iPhone 03 web

I love how much the Dutch love cheese

The Netherlands is the second most cheese eating country.

Each person consumes 20 kilos per year.  That’s 44 pounds!

I believe the country would be happy to adopt me as I would contribute to pushing them into the number one spot.  Perhaps if I decide to move there, I will put that on my visa More >

Amsterdam 2014 Food Tour iPhone 05 web

Street Food of Amsterdam


There are so many things I love about Amsterdam, and food is near the top of the list.

I look for food tours in every city I visit, honing in on the ones that appear to care a lot about the role food plays in a culture.

I met Zosia at a cute cafe near the Albert Cuyp Market, the largest street More >

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