Right after my amazing experience seeing penguins in their natural habitat for the first time, the tour took us to Isla Escondida.  As Hernan approached the beach on the rocky path, he explained that this is a public beach and fills with people from the nearby town of Trelew on the weekends.

Since we arrived on a weekday afternoon, not a single person was there.

We had it all to ourselves.

But what exactly did we have all to ourselves?

I was too embarrassed to admit I did not know what elefantes marinos (elephant seals) are until this day.  As soon as I saw them, I turned into a giddy little girl with an expensive camera (again, just like with the penguins).

We were told that we could go within 1-1.5 meters from them.  And I made sure to get right up in there.

I took another bazillion photos.

Once again, I forced myself to narrow it down to my 8 favorites.


So pretty!

Photo of pretty elephant seal

I know this guy might look like he has leprosy.

This is the time when they “change” their skin/ fur/ whatever you call it.

I think I made this one angry.

This guy has an itch.

This guy might be cold.

I wanted to join in on the group hug!


Want more elephant seals?  Check out the album.

Have you ever been this close to animal that was so large and so different from anything you had ever seen?


Travel Tip:  I had a great experience with Categoria Patagonia.  If you are going to Puerto Madryn, check out the excursions they offer here.  And please say hello to Martin for me!!