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Antigua – Hiking Fuego Volcano

  • edy
    #1 written by edy 4 years ago

    Wow beautiful picture.. ehm.. what was the ‘hazing ritual’? looks scary hehe

    • stephanie
      #2 written by stephanie 4 years ago

      I was a little scared at first and then I remembered that everyone carries machetes here :-) Just some kids playing a joke on their friend. They stripped him to his underwear and tied him to a tree for about 15 minutes… he was compliant and laughing the whole time.

  • Monica
    #3 written by Monica 4 years ago

    your pictures are awesome!

  • Karen
    #4 written by Karen 4 years ago

    I agree — the pictures are awesome.

  • stephanie
    #5 written by stephanie 4 years ago

    Thanks for all the comments. I was very happy with how these photos turned out.

  • Kurt
    #6 written by Kurt 4 years ago

    Great photos, well done!

  • Candice Michelle
    #7 written by Candice Michelle 3 years ago

    Like everyone, I must admit that was a beautiful place. I’m impressed with your photos. It was a good shot.
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  • Julie Hayes
    #8 written by Julie Hayes 3 years ago

    The view is wonderful. I love seeing beautiful views, it makes me calm and stress free. It also makes me think clearer.
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