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I spent almost 2 weeks in The Bay Islands, Honduras learning to scuba dive, soaking in the sun,  enjoying the beautiful Caribbean waters, and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.
Utila 0814

Utila – the cheaper backpacker option

Roatan 0887

Roatán – the expensive but nicer island dominated by US tourism

  • Candice Michelle
    #1 written by Candice Michelle 3 years ago

    Bay Islands is really a good place for island hopping and beach hopping. You will discover the beauty of Honduras with your own eyes in a magnificent view.
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  • Cris
    #2 written by Cris 1 year ago

    Hi Stephanie,
    You have some good tips in here, the other place I would have recommended for you to visit is Copan. There are other things to see in the country, unfortunately as you alluded the safety situation is not very good right now. Central America in general has a lot to offer, hopefully things change for the better there soon so more people get to visit!

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