Our final day of trekking was a tough one.

Not because of the terrain or the distance or even that it was all ascending.

I got a taste of that infamous Patagonian wind.

And it kicked my ass.

The day started out much cooler and a bit windier than the first two days of trekking.  I even brought my hat and gloves.

We had that not-so-pleasant hiking situation where it is cold enough to wear a fleece, yet you’re sweating underneath because you’re climbing at a good pace.

It was all good. There were cool things to see like this ginormous granite boulder precariously resting on top of a hill.

Then we left the coverage of the forest.

Our tour guide David pointed to a hill in the distance where I could see a thin line of a trail and said, “That’s where we are going.”

Ha!  That’s funny.

That’s really far and really high.

Although David has a good sense of humor, I started to worry that he was not joking.

He wasn’t.

As soon as we left the forest, we were completely exposed to the wind.  It was brutal.

We were climbing on rocks.  The wind was cutting right through my layers of clothing.

We kept pushing forward.

We got to the top of the main hill.  We hid behind some large boulders for protection against the wind.

Great views.

This is a view of Laguna Torre with a massive wind-storm cloud sitting on top of Cerro Torre.

I managed to snap those photos before my fingers went numb.

And then I was miserable.

There was yet another hill to climb, and I knew I could not go any further.

(Yes, this is where I stopped.)

I was happy I got as far as I did and saw the beautiful lake.  But it was time to throw in the towel.

The guys pushed on.  (I swear men have some extra layer of insulation.)

Robbie and I headed back.

I took a hot shower.  I bought a bottle of wine.

I used the word defeated in the title, but really I feel that I have accomplished a lot over the last few days.  And it was fun!

Have you ever decided to throw in the towel on a tough climb?


This post is part of a series about my experience on the Patagonian Trails Tour with Adventure Center.  I was very impressed by their range of tour options from light to extreme adventure all over Latin America and the rest of the world.  There really is something for everyone.  Adventure Center handles all bookings with Peregrine for North American clients.